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Apple Cinnamon Tea (Caffeine-Free)

Apple Cinnamon Tea (Caffeine-Free)

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apple fruit (dried, cubes), cinnamon (dried, sticks) and hibiscus (dried, flower)

Health Benefits

When consumed regularly in ample quantity, the individual or combined ingredients in this tea naturally:

• Promotes heart health -- reduces lipid levels and bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure
• Helps lower blood sugar -- increases insulin sensitivity (decreases insulin resistance), decreases amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream after a meal
• Improves metabolism -- helps burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle endurance
• Strengthens immune system
• Protects from oxidative damage caused by free radicals
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties -- helps fight bacterial and fungal infections, repairs tissue damage
• Helps fight against neurodegenerative diseases (like Altzheimer's and Parkinson's)
• May help prevent certain types of cancer like colon cancer
• Helps improve eyesight

Taste Profile

Havva Brew's Apple Cinnamon tea features a fruity and spicy flavour. 

The aroma of apple cinnamon tea is immediately welcoming, as it is one of the most pleasant, woodsy, and sweet flavor combinations of any tea.

It is a warm and soothing drink which can be great for you if you want to lose weight or just want to feel better and stay healthy in winters.

Preparation and Brewing

HOT CUP (100C / 212F)
1. Put 3g of tea (or 1 tea bag) in a cup, frenchpress, pot, or infuser
2. Pour 4-6oz (120-180ml) of boiling water
3. Steep for 4-6 minutes
4. Filter out the tea

1. Put 6-7g of tea in a container with tight cap (ideally glass or ceramic)
2. Pour 8oz (240ml) of room-temperature distilled water
3. Put inside the refrigerator (4C/40F), steep for 12-24 hours
4. Filter out the tea

This tea can be considered high tea, and can be taken hot or cold. This tea you can not mix with milk or any kind of juices. To get the optimum health benefits from this tea mix, drink 1-2cups in a day, anytime of the day, either on full or empty stomach.

NOTE : 1 sachet contains about 3g of this tea mix.

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