Happy High Tea (Cold Brew Carnaval Tea)

Caffeine-Free. Sugar-Free. Low-Calorie.

This fruity tea blend can help improve your mood,  sleep, digestion, immune system, and heart health! Great for all-day hydration, workouts, parties, and everyday meals. Perfect for kids and people on controlled-calorie diets.


We nicknamed this drink as "Happy High Tea" for a good reason. With its pleasantly sweet-sour-fruit taste, it triggers your brain to produce the happy hormone serotonin. Similar to dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, serotonin is a chemical that is naturally produced by our bodies that stabilizes our mood and triggers feelings of well-being, love, and happiness. But more than just a natural high, the ingredients in this all-season drink can also improve your sleep, boost your immune system, relieve pains, help your digestion, and make your heart healthier. Oh, and don’t let its sweet taste fool you! This drink does not contain sugar. The sweetness comes from stevia which is not only a natural sweetener, but quite surprisingly also lowers blood glucose!

As a caffeine-free, low-calorie beverage, this is great for all-day hydration, workout drink, parties, family gatherings, and meal complements. Perfect for kids instead of sugary fruit juices or flavored drinks! Ideal for people on controlled-calorie intake or diabetes management. 


The word “high” in the name of this drink has a second meaning. It’s a “high tea,” because you can serve and drink this with main meals (and not just snacks). In particular, this drink will pair best with fatty foods (like steaks or anything fried), spicy and salty meals, seafood, pasta, salad, other heavier food. If you’re having sweet desserts, make sure that your dessert is LESS sweet than this drink. So go for lighter desserts. 


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Brewing Time: 18 to 24 hours

Preparing this drink is actually very simple, and wouldn’t take more than a 10 minutes of your time. However, since the method is cold brewing, you’ll have to wait about a full day for it to be ready for drinking. If you’re making this a part of your daily regimen, you can easily prepare your day-bottle during breakfast, and leave it in the fridge until the following day!


For 1 liter of this refreshing drink, you’ll need: 

*1-liter container with lid or hydration bottle (ideally glass or ceramic but can also be stainless or BPA-free plastic)

*25gHavva Brew Carnaval Tea

*1liter drinking water (room temperature)

*Optional: Honey or Havva Brew Stevia Leaf

Yield: 4 glasses x 250ml per serving


1. Put 25g of Havva Brew Carnaval Tea (approx. 5 teaspoons) in a container with lid.

2. Pour 1 liter of room-temperature drinking water.

3. Gently stir the mixture, cover, and put inside the refrigerator (do not freeze).

4. Steep for 18-24 hours. Depending on your preference, you can filter out the tea or leave it in the container. The tea is safe to be ingested.


If you’re going to carry it with you and intend to drink it little by little throughout the day, it would be best to put it in an insulated hydration bottle to keep it cold. If you’re unable to keep it cold, consume it within 2 hours after you take it out of the fridge.

If you prefer it sweeter, you may add honey or infused stevia leaves as desired.