What's On and Up?

what's on and what's up?

8th Wave Wellness Bar Partners with Metromart!

What's up 8th Wavers? We've got some exciting news for you!
Freshness and quality are what all of us want when buying groceries. These days, it's difficult to go outside and not worry about your health but we all know that it's also important that we stay indoors and maintain a nutritious diet so that our immune system is strong enough to fight off anything that may come your way.
So how do we reconcile the two? How do we get our groceries and stay indoors?

We're proud to announce that 8th Wave Wellness Bar is partnering with Metromart to deliver your favourite 8th Wave Products on-demand, any day of the week! We will deliver on-demand at your doorstep through Metromarts online stone and mobile app!

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We had some healthy fun with these lovely ladies during our last #WellnessWeekenders session with Yoga and Tea! This group of young fitspirations had their relaxing yoga class with Ms. Rita Robina at M Studio + Cafe, sharing her expertise on how to properly move the body to stimulate good blood circulation and release tension of the various muscles that we use daily.
After a wonderful session, they were joined by the Havva Brew Team featuring Mr. Ito Fortu for an enlightening and indulgently healthy tea tasting session to cleanse the body and aid in the recovery process of the muscles. With their noses and taste buds enjoying the aroma and taste of premium Turkish loose-leaf tea, the session was capped off with a gentle celebration of friendship and health.

There's nothing like some indulgently healthy tea after a meditative yoga session to bond with our friends, families, and even gym buddies.

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