About Us

how did the wave form

8th Wave Wellness Bar came from a vision of making a healthy lifestyle more accessible for all regardless of age, gender, and race. It aims to help people integrate hobbies, passions, and healthy activities in their daily lives and provide our local communities with organic and healthy food and drink products to bolster general wellness.

This vision came to life in 2018, where we launched our very first online platform for healthy teas and infusions as well as pure Colombian Arabica coffee. Soon, we integrated communities to join our passion for living well, conducting tea sessions, fitness sessions, and partnering up with our local communities to extend our reach further into society. Today, we look into the future to bring our customers further into their wellness journeys by providing them with the activities and products that they need for their holistic development.

Help make the wave larger, let us make it go further.

Ride the wave with us!

  • healthy lifestyle

    enabled and empowered daily living

  • holistic wellness

    physical, mental, and social wellness

  • ethical sourcing

    cruel free and always will be.

  • celebrating diversity

    welcoming communities  customer service with care