Havva Brew Lifestyle Teas & Infusions

H A V V A  B R E W  |  L i f e s t y l e  T e a s  a n d  I n f u s i o n s

"Havva" is derived from the Hebrew word "chavvah" which means, "to breathe, live, and living." Havva Brew Lifestyle Teas and Infusions is a loose-leaf tea company that is passionate about cultivating, innovating, and revolutionalizing the way we create tea and consume it. 
We specialize in all-organic, natural, no preservatives, loose-leaf teas and infusions that target specific organs, diseases, and disorders. These teas and masterful infusions are expertly researched and crafted by our dedicated team of tea connoisseurs and F&B professionals in order to bring about not just the health benefits for the human body, but also the best natural flavors the teas can offer.
More than just tea, it is part of our mission to provide healthy, organic, and high quality beverages for all ages around the world in order to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle.