3-Month Subscription of Salgar Natural Organic (Medium Roast)

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100% Premium Colombian Coffee

ORIGIN: Salgar, Antioquia, Colombia

BEAN SIZE: Natural 17+

ROAST: Medium Roast

FLAVOR PROFILE: Very sweet and fruity,slightly winey,clean and consistent


AVAILABLE IN: 200g ziplock reusable kraft pouch with gassifier

"We ship the green beans straight from our own farms in Colombia to the Philippines, and we roast them here in the Philippines for maximum freshness. Unlike other Colombian coffee that reaches the Philippine market that are shipped roasted overseas, that gets to the Philippines after 2 months from roasting. Our guarantee is that the coffee you buy from us has been roasted for no more than 1 week, even less if you order in bulk and we can roast per order and delivered to you freshly roasted within 2-3 days."